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Technical & Design

Technical & Design.

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High Voltage technical design for electrical infrastructure

Quality design and technical support are critical to industries using large scale electrical installations. Our chartered engineers provide full design services spanning low voltage to extra high-voltage systems with all the consultancy and technical support you need.

System Studies

Electrical systems can be affected by a whole range of factors e.g. DNO fault levels or certain types of load. Our high voltage system studies analyse in detail your system integrity under fault conditions.

Everything from switchgear faults, earthing problems, generator faults and a whole host of other issues can compromise your systems operating dynamics. We ‘hunt’ problems down and give you a detailed report.

This report can be as comprehensive as you need and include:

  • All substation datasheets
  • All protection curves
  • System protection, fault level and load flow diagrams
  • Power system models
  • And last, but most importantly, recommendations for corrective action

Load Assessment

We can check your current available capacity and any possible overload potential by monitoring your site loads.

Remote Control and Automation

These approaches help isolate faults more quickly and restore supplies and HV networks. Our proficient team of high voltage designers can carry out feasibility studies and tailor the optimum response for you.

Power Factor Correction

Want to reduce your electricity bills? Power factor correction capacitors cut electrical load, and minimise wasted energy, improving plant efficiency. ‘Reactive power’ is a charge made in electricity bills, targeted at companies that do not demonstrate clear efficiency in power use. We can help you avoid this; a site survey is all that is required to determine the type and size and the overall design of system to best address this.

Plug in Connectors

Need to connect a generator to your low voltage network? We have a simple cost-effective way of doing this.